Our rustic 12' x 16' rental cabins, located on the McLean family home-site, are only steps away from the sandy beaches of Kasitsna and Kachemak Bays.

Each cabin, surrounded by spruce and alder, offer spectacular views of the bays, islands, and snow-capped mountains. 

The Pioneer Cabin was named because of it's unique Alaskan history, and because of Kristi's parents Jack and Jo McLean's pioneering spirit.  This is the original homesite cabin which faces the inside beach of Kasitsna Bay and enjoys the morning glow of sunrise.

The Cannery Cabin and Fisherman's cabin were built by Kristi and Brad with comfort and relaxation in mind. Each cabin faces Kachemak Bay and catches the evening sunsets.

Pioneers Josephine and Jack McLean - 1955

Jack McLean 

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