We get guests from all over the world and over the years have learned what others visiting our wonderful slice of heaven can expect upon your arrival. Below are a few Questions and Answers that you may have. If you have another question, not answered here, email us and we will be happy to respond.

Q: Is Wi-Fi available?
A: Yes, however, we provide wi-fi to all cabins and the house. Service is considered "Bush Wi-Fi" based upon our remote location. Wi-Fi is NOT 100% available all the time. It is consistently available 75-90% of the time. Also, wi-fi works better when outside of the cabins. 

Q: Do the Cabins have running water?

A: Yes 

Q: What are the best types of shoes/boots to bring?

A: Hiking boots, flip-flops and rubber boots.

Q: Can we rent Kayaks?

A: Yes - Mako's Water Taxi 

Q: Should I bring Mosquito repellent?

A: Yes, it is not a bad idea. We rarely have issues with mosquitos but if you go on a hike can be useful.

Q: Do we bring all our own food and drinks?

A: Yes. You get all your supplies in either Homer prior to your departure (plenty of stores) or you can also pick up supplies in Seldovia which is accessible from our location via a land taxi.

Kristi McLean, P.O. Box 213, Seldovia, Alaska 99633
Kristi (619) 929-9051   Brad (907) 398-6179

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