Why Us

What sets us apart is the location of your rental cabin on MacDonald Spit, a mile long narrow peninsula l
ocated within the designated Critical Habitat Area of Kachemak Bay. Because we are on a spit/peninsula you have access to two sandy beaches on either side of your cabin. The inside beach is on the calmer Kasitsna Bay, while the outer beach is open to the larger body of water known as Kachemak Bay.  The property is 75-100 feet wide,  it's really easy to go between the inside and outside beaches to find sunshine or get away from the wind.  If it's windy on the outside beach it's usually calm on the inside beach and vice versa.  During the summer months when the sun is out, you can enjoy it all day long by moving from the inside beach at sunrise and early in the day, to the outside beach during the afternoon until sunset.  For your comfort there are beach adirondak chairs located on both beaches.

Being located within the Critical Habitat Area means that the wide range of Alaska Sealife from whales to the smallest invertebrates found in the tidal pools are protected. You will have the opportunity to view rich and diverse ecosystems of marine life on and around the Spit.  Being in this environment is a life enriching experience that most visitors and life long Alaskans don't ever get an opportunity to be a part of.  Low tide will reveal a world out of sight under the surface, it will give you a different perspective of the marine life of Alaska.

The spit is a short 7 miles by road from the quaint historic village of Seldovia.  Staying at Between Beaches gives you the feeling of being away from it all, but you are still close to restaurants, boutique shopping, and a village market (Crab pot Grocery). This area is off the beat and path and carefully designed to create an environmentally friendly, sustainable space to enjoy.

Outside Beach Sunset Kachemak Bay

Inside Beach Sunrise Kasitsna Bay

Kristi McLean, P.O. Box 213, Seldovia, Alaska 99633

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