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Our Story

Every inch of this property has been meticulously considered, as Kristi intentionally juggles the delicate balance between keeping the land as undisturbed as possible and creating a well thought-out experience for you. This place feels like the best days of summer, when the sunshine is endless and the water convinces you it just might be tropical. Deep down, you know life can’t be this beautiful forever but that’s why you stay one more day, between the beaches, to soak it all in. By mindfully treating our land, using creative and open minded solutions, respecting and embracing our rich history, supporting our local business, and doing our best to bring you a superb experience here on MacDonald Spit, we are committed continuously improving and being part of the sustainable tourism industry in Alaska. We hope you enjoy the thought and constant innovation being poured into developing a uniquely wild experience!


A Note From Kristi

I can still remember the first time I saw the surf crash on the beach, rushing in from Kachemak bay...I was five years old and certain I had found paradise! When the tides went out and I began exploring the tide pools discovering all kinds of fascinating creatures, I made a pact with myself to figure out how to live here one day. This place is unique because the land formation known as a spit offers not one but two beaches and boy did we spend time exploring every inch. I’ve made countless, priceless memories with my family and loved ones, and anyone interested in experiencing the magic of this remote, uniquely wild location. I am passionate about sharing our distinctive and authentic lifestyle here at Between Beaches and look forward to your visit.



Jack and Josephine McLean 1955

History of MacDonald Spit

Kristi, a lifelong Alaskan, was born and raised in a log cabin by her parents Jack and Jo McLean. They came to Alaska in 1955, the “Territory Days” - to the last frontier. Our simple subsistence cabin used Coleman lanterns for light and a barrel stove for heating without available electricity. Kristi and her parents would explore and gather clams, berries, crab & fish to can for the winter. More of our history and how Between Beaches developed coming soon!

Float plane access at Between Beaches Alaska



Meet your full-time resident and commercial fisherwoman! This fanatic lady absolutely adores sharing this place with you. She doesn’t sit still much always planning her next art installation and dreaming up new ways to expand your experiences out here. You can see her creativity all over this property and especially in the art gallery!



Booking Manager

The man behind the computer screen or on the other end of the phone is usually Lachlan. He comes back every summer to greet you, help with your bags and coordinate arrivals and departures. He works incredibly hard to serve your needs and support a great relaxing vacation for you.



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